The TEMPUR material can not be washed or dry cleaned. To clean a TEMPUR product, remove the cover and ventilate the TEMPUR material, or wipe it off carefully using a well-wrung cloth to remove any stains or dirt from the surface. TEMPUR is produced with an environmentally friendly, bacteria reducing component, which prevents bacterial and fungal growth. However, TEMPUR products should be regularly ventilated to remove any moisture and TEMPUR Mattresses must always be placed on a ventilated bed base, to prevent moisture accumulating.

Most TEMPUR Covers can be removed and cleaned in accordance with the washing instructions on the care label, which is usually located inside the cover. During washing, the cover must be turned inside out and the zipper must be closed. NOTE: Special covers which contain TEMPUR material can not be washed or dry cleaned, but can easily be removed for airing and brushing.

The composition of the TEMPUR material reduces the risk of it catching fire. However, the material can be ignited by direct contact with a naked flame, so smoking in bed is strongly discouraged.

Many TEMPUR products are CE-labelled as medical devices (class 1), which means that the characteristics of the products meet the requirements of directive 93/42/EEC. (Check the washing label to see whether the product you have purchased is CE-labelled.)

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