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Best Price Guarantee | Up to 50% off* at TEMPUR Gallery

Certified by NASA and Chiropractor for relaxing & protecting spine, TEMPUR is offering up to 50% off on pillows and mattresses (exclusively at Galleries).

TEMPUR® Pressure-Relieving Mattress - Manufactured using our patent visco-elastic material with dual certification by NASA and Chiropractor, you can be sure that it is relaxing
-ONE BY TEMPUR(Soft) Mattress 50% off - Feeling the comfort like floating on water
-35% off on 25cm mattress
-25% off on 30cm mattress
-Add-on offer: $999 for a pillow** upon purchase mattress, additional discount on wooden bedframe + mattress set

Recommended TEMPUR® pillow - 91% users agree with Tempur pillow is the best pillow that helps me sleep better
-Pillow and Accessories - 30% off for the 1st item; 50% off for the 2nd item*
-Sonata Pillow (Medium) 50% off

Combo Set:
-Mattress + wooden bedframe -up to 40% off

Come and shop at our Galleries►
^According to Online Survey conducted by Ipsos in Hong Kong (2021) (Sample size = 150 current users of Tempur pillow who are aged 21 or above in Hong Kong)
*Pillow and accessories can be counted together and the 50%off offer applies to the item with lower price.
-“Best Price Guarantee" is only applicable to TEMPUR mattresses purchased during the promotional period
-If customers spotted a lower price of the same product in the same gallery from the date of purchase to December 31, 2021, they can present the purchase receipt to the same gallery within 7 days of the promotional offer period. Once TEMPUR confirms and accepts it, the price difference will be refunded in the form of cash voucher.
"The same product" does not include display items; please contact the store staff for details of cash coupons.
**1 pillow for a single bed (90cm or below), 2 pillows for a double bed (120cm or above) (Except ONE BY TEMPUR (Soft) Mattress)
***Additional fee is required for leather/6-drawer format, please ask sleep consultant for more details
-Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
-In case of any disputes, the decision of TEMPUR shall be final.

【Want to rest thoroughly at home? Take a peek at TEMPUR Accessories】

One of the great pleasures during the holiday is to rest on bed. While you enjoy them TEMPUR Bed Wedge offers a complete relaxation with exclusive patented TEMPUR material inside.

What’s more, TEMPUR Long Hug Pillow gives you a soft, smooth and personalized comfort! These two accessories are made of NASA-certified TEMPUR material.

Buy now to enjoy limited-time offers.

^TEMPUR mattresses and pillows are recognized by NASA and the US Space foundation.

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【Tackle the nightmares of driving! 】

Traffic jam or long-distance driving are the nightmares of driving. Maintaining the same posture for a long time can cause back pain! In fact, as long as you add a special cushion at the car seat, your pressure can be relieved! In addition, do prepare a premium sleep mask during transit, so your friend can seize the time to relax!

TEMPUR’s Transit Lumbar Support and Eye mask help you solve theproblems! The products adopt the patent material certified by NASA, and are up to EU health standards.

Enjoy the limited-time discount and come visit TEMPUR Galleries and department store counters!

【 TEMPUR: Secrets to help Mom-to-be relax! 】

During pregnancy, the belly is getting heavier, and many mom-to-be would have low back pain and foot cramps. With the use of lumbar pad to support the abdomen while the feet using foot pad to relieve pressure, you can have a good rest!

Bed Back Support & Universal Pillow help the mom-to-be feel more comfortable and relaxing. The products are in line with EU health standards, so that you can use it with peace of mind!
Want to know more product details? TEMPUR® Bed Back Support & Universal Pillow:
#TEMPUR® has become the No. 1 mattress and pillow brand in the "Overall Sleep Quality" and "Overall Customer Satisfaction" in the opinion survey of more than 1,300 users in 13 European countries.

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【Explore TEMPUR Pillow cutting edge Design I More than 90% users recommended!Limited offer】

The wrong kind of pillow can wreak havoc on your sleep. Find your perfect pillow today!

TEMPUR Gallery and Counter are now offering limited time offer on Millennium Pillow,

TEMPUR eshop : Limited discount & Free Delivery

Why this Denmark-made, CE certificated pillow become so popular? Watch the video!

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