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【 ❄️永安冬季超值大減價📢 優惠大放送:丹麥製 TEMPUR 舒壓床品 — 低至55折*】

永安冬季超值大減價開始啦!想體驗美國太空總署 NASA🪐力證的舒壓放鬆感@?趁低至55折震撼優惠,由即日起至1月1日親臨上環及油麻地永安百貨 TEMPUR 專櫃,以低至55折*優惠,入手 TEMPUR 床品,感受一夜好眠,徹底放鬆!   🎊TEMPUR於油麻地永安百貨6樓專櫃現已全新裝修,環境舒適寬敞,親身試用優質舒壓床品啦!


▍TEMPUR® 丹麥製枕頭 – 超過90%用家認同 TEMPUR 睡枕令人瞓得更好^

🔹 Symphony pillow 雙用舒壓枕 65折 ─ 獨特雙面設計,配合仰睡、側睡需要;完美貼合頭、肩、頸弧度  

▍TEMPUR®️ 丹麥製床褥 – 獲美國太空總署認證@,獨家專利物料助你身體徹底放鬆

🔹 ONE BY TEMPUR 護脊硬床褥 (Firm) 55折 ─ 高級床褥上車盤,專為亞洲人身型而設,提供穩固又舒適嘅承托力  

更多永安冬季超值大減價 TEMPUR床品優惠!



油麻地專櫃地址:彌敦道345號永安九龍中心6樓 (全新裝修🎊)  

*優惠詳情請參閱TEMPUR HK網頁,TEMPUR保留以上優惠之最終決定權,如有任何爭議,概以TEMPUR之最終決定為準。 @TEMPUR®️ 的專利物料,令TEMPUR®️床褥及枕具成為美國太空總署NASA認可的品牌。 ^根據市場研究公司益普索在香港進行的網上調查 (2021) (150名香港受訪者為21歲或以上Tempur睡枕的現有用家)

【Want to rest thoroughly at home? Take a peek at TEMPUR Accessories】

One of the great pleasures during the holiday is to rest on bed. While you enjoy them TEMPUR Bed Wedge offers a complete relaxation with exclusive patented TEMPUR material inside.

What’s more, TEMPUR Long Hug Pillow gives you a soft, smooth and personalized comfort! These two accessories are made of NASA-certified TEMPUR material.

Buy now to enjoy limited-time offers.

^TEMPUR mattresses and pillows are recognized by NASA and the US Space foundation.

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【Tackle the nightmares of driving! 】

Traffic jam or long-distance driving are the nightmares of driving. Maintaining the same posture for a long time can cause back pain! In fact, as long as you add a special cushion at the car seat, your pressure can be relieved! In addition, do prepare a premium sleep mask during transit, so your friend can seize the time to relax!

TEMPUR’s Transit Lumbar Support and Eye mask help you solve theproblems! The products adopt the patent material certified by NASA, and are up to EU health standards.

Enjoy the limited-time discount and come visit TEMPUR Galleries and department store counters!

【 TEMPUR: Secrets to help Mom-to-be relax! 】

During pregnancy, the belly is getting heavier, and many mom-to-be would have low back pain and foot cramps. With the use of lumbar pad to support the abdomen while the feet using foot pad to relieve pressure, you can have a good rest!

Bed Back Support & Universal Pillow help the mom-to-be feel more comfortable and relaxing. The products are in line with EU health standards, so that you can use it with peace of mind!
Want to know more product details? TEMPUR® Bed Back Support & Universal Pillow:
#TEMPUR® has become the No. 1 mattress and pillow brand in the "Overall Sleep Quality" and "Overall Customer Satisfaction" in the opinion survey of more than 1,300 users in 13 European countries.

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【Explore TEMPUR Pillow cutting edge Design I More than 90% users recommended!Limited offer】

The wrong kind of pillow can wreak havoc on your sleep. Find your perfect pillow today!

TEMPUR Gallery and Counter are now offering limited time offer on Millennium Pillow,

TEMPUR eshop : Limited discount & Free Delivery

Why this Denmark-made, CE certificated pillow become so popular? Watch the video!

【Bad posture all day? TEMPUR helps you get back on the right track!】

Whether you are working at home or returning to the office, you must take good care of your spine and back staying safe! 
TEMPUR Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support both use our patented visco-elastic materials to maintain a good sitting posture while you work, and can conform to fit various body shapes. With truly comfortable support, even NASA recognised our stress-relieving properties^! Take a look now!

Starting today, enjoy limited discount in our physical stores!

TEMPUR Store Address:

Tempur Online store:

^TEMPUR mattress and pillows are the ONLY mattress and pillow recognized by NASA and certified by The Space Foundation

【Unboxed by our pillow expert! This might be the most recommended pillow!^】

Made in Denmark, the TEMPUR Symphony pillow is suitable for back and side sleepers and can take care of your head, shoulders, and neck. With its stress-relieving properties certified by NASA, you can enjoy a relaxing symphony! Take a look at the 3 major features of our TEMPUR Symphony pillow!

Two-in-one double-sided design

  • The TEMPUR Symphony is Two designs combined in one pillow. A gently arched side for back sleepers and a flatter side for side and stomach sleepers; no matter how your sleeping position changes during the night, the head, shoulders and neck will be fully supported!

Stress-relieving properties certified by NASA

  • It adopts our patented visco-elastic material certified by NASA, with slow rebound characteristics, which can effectively absorb movements. The pressure-relieving particles work in tandem with the Symphony's double-sided design to fit our head, shoulders and neck snugly, relieving the pressure, relaxing the muscles, and achieving a pressure-relieving effect for your body!


  • TEMPUR Symphony pillow cover has passed the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is confirmed to be free of harmful substances and allergens, and therefore is harmless in human ecological terms! Our pillow covers are also machine washable, just flip it over inside out, zip it up, and set your temperature to 60°C to keep your pillow fresh and clean!

With three different heights available, the TEMPUR Symphony pillow is suitable for all body types. Get yours now at our Tempur Gallery, and enjoy up to 30% off! Come over to our Tempur Gallery, and let our sleep experts help you find the pillow for you, or log on to our TEMPUR E-shop and take home your new bedding products without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Tempur Gallery:

TEMPUR E-shop:

^According to a 2017 interview conducted with 151 TEMPUR users by Ipsos HK, over 90 per cent of users chose TEMPUR as "the most comfortable pillow"

【Do you need it to be hard and comfortable? The new TEMPUR Firm series is your choice!】

One of you say being hard gives your spine protection, while the other one thinks comfort is most important? Our new TEMPUR Firm series satisfies both your wishes! Using our patented visco-elastic materials from NASA that protects your spine, climb in and experience a relaxing massage-like sensation. A full-body relaxation that is proven by NASA! Try it out yourself at our TEMPUR Gallery now, and let our sleep consultants recommend the right mattress for you!

Watch video now:

【TEMPUR Classroom - Want to sleep better? Here's what we can do!】

After watching the last TEMPUR Science Class episode, we now know that ""pressure"" is the reason for poor sleep quality! Want a comfortable and stress relieving night?

TEMPUR is the only pressure-relieving mattress and pillow brand certified by NASA. Our exclusive patented technology can help relax and unwind every night! Want to know how TEMPUR can help? 

Take a look at the video right now!

More Relaxing Sleep Tips:

【Can we trust the test report? TEMPUR® Pillow is not worth to buy?】

More than 90% users agree with TEMPUR Pillow is the “Most comfortable pillow”. Then, why the test report cannot reflect the customers’ feel? 

Find out test report’s blind spots here:

^According to ipsos hk's interview with 151 TEMPUR® Pillow in 2017

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