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Gently supports the head and neck, allowing you to sleep more comfortably while traveling. The unique pressure relieving and motion absorption properties of TEMPUR® Material help reduce the jolts and vibrations experienced during transit.

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Made in Denmark

Available Size

30x28x8 cm


Experience undisturbed sleep as TEMPUR® Material conforms to the unique curvature of your face, gently forming around the eye area for optimal comfort. The head strap is easy to adjust for personalised support, completely sealing out the light for a peaceful night’s sleep, wherever you are.

Made in Denmark

Available Size

  • 41x9x2.5 cm


The petite TEMPUR® Comfort Travel Pillow has many uses beyond just for sleeping. Its versatile mini sizing means it can be a handy extra cushion on the sofa, in the car or on a garden chair. In fact you can use it anywhere comfort is required.

With all the qualities of the standard size TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original, this petite travel version is more than just a handy mini pillow. Besides helping you to grab 40 winks whilst in transit, it can also be an extra cushion on your sofa or chair. In fact, it is useful anywhere you might need a little extra comfort or support.

  • 40 x 26 cm


Experience space age comfort

TEMPUR® Material lies at the core of all our mattresses and pillows, and is still the only mattress product recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

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Inside every TEMPUR® Mattress

Developed from NASA space technology, all our mattresses feature the authentic TEMPUR® Material that adapts to your body as you sleep, offering uncompromising comfort and support all night long.

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